We're a family of four living in the Pacific Northwest. This is our second year with a local CSA. Beginning in mid-June and running through mid-October, a big box of locally grown, organic veggies and fruits appears on our doorstep once a week.

Seventeen weeks. Four hundred pounds of produce. Holy crap.

Last year we enjoyed a lot of fresh, yummy produce and tried some things that were new to us. (Ground cherries, anyone?) But we also wasted more than we'd like to admit. We're determined not to let that happen in 2010. This blog keeps us honest as we prepare, eat and preserve every last ounce this year in ways that are kid-friendly, healthy, easy (let's hope) and inexpensive (let's really hope--this CSA ain't cheap).

If you're wondering what in the world you're going to do with all that CSA produce, this is the blog for you. Because we're probably wondering that same thing. Come join us--and share your wisdom!

Cast of characters:
  • Me - Occasionally brilliant, mostly hapless cook with the best of intentions. My dirty secret? I don't really like vegetables. Don't tell my kids. Produce box favorites: tomatillos, berries
  • The Husband - My easy-going, always-hungry spouse who has yet to meet a vegetable he didn't like. Favorites: tomatoes, lettuce, corn
  • The Boy - Our capriciously finicky four-year old son. Unpacking the produce box is a highlight of his week. Favorites (always subject to change; see above re: capricious): snap peas, ground cherries, all melons
  • The Girl - Our two-year old daughter who refuses to concede that leafy greens are food. She is allergic to cow's milk, so you'll notice that a lot of our recipes are dairy-free. Favorites: peas, tomatoes, watermelon
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