Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello there strawberries! Come to mama.

We picked strawberries today.

I could offer you some words about the loveliness of freshly picked fruit or the joy of children discovering the perfect berry.

But the truth? I never get over how dirt cheap u-pick fruit is. We brought home seven pints of organic strawberries for $5. Huzzah!

It wasn't the best picking day, results-wise. The unrelenting rain we've had the past couple of months has really done a number on some of the local crops, strawberries included. And The Girl had trouble figuring out what "ripe" looked like. Although I noticed she managed to eat only the deep red ripe ones. Very suspicious.

But we still brought back those seven tasty pints. Which means tomorrow? We're digging out the recipe for the Best. Strawberry Pie. Ever. Stay tuned.

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