Friday, July 2, 2010

Freezing strawberries

Freezing berries tends to remind me of making a deposit: banking the vibrant sweetness of summer against the gloom of winter.

Flash freezing is my go-to method of preserving berries. It involves little more than cookie sheets and some ziploc bags. Easy peasy. I left this batch of strawberries whole, to use in smoothies. Partially thawed, they also are a nice touch on cakes or in fruit salads.  Just don't let them thaw all the way or they can get smushy.
  1. When freezing whole strawberries, choose the nicest looking, firmest ones
  2. Gently wash, draining well
  3. Remove the hulls
  4. Place on a cookie sheet, making sure no berries are touching
  5. Freeze for a few hours (or overnight), until frozen solid like so many strawberry marbles
  6. Move into a freezer container or plastic freezer bag, removing as much of the air as possible to prevent freezer burn
Now wait until the weather turns cold and enjoy the reminder of summer!

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